In this page, I’ll write down a few hints for playing Ature. These hints may be somewhat of a spoiler, so if you like to find out everything yourself, don’t read this page. If you didn’t read the manual of Ature, then do so first. It also has some subtle hints in it. 🙂 The bigger spoilers are at the bottom of this list, the smaller ones at the top.

  1. Level up as much as possible until you feel confident and can take a few hits. There are many places in the game where you can level up easily by going backward and forward between several screens.
  2. Don’t rush in when fighting, look at your foe’s pattern and try to strike from a safe position.
  3. Stick your sword out, it’s good for the first hit.
  4. Your foe can shoot only one arrow at the time. Use this to your advantage.
  5. Bosses are big and dangerous, however, they always shoot from the same point. Understanding this pattern will pave your way to victory.
  6. If you are sufficiently skillful with a sword, you might be able to cut your foe’s arrow right in half, destroying it.
  7. It’s dangerous inside the dark cave. Fortunately, there’s a way to turn on the lights again nearby.
  8. The bridge across the river has disappeared. But follow the river to its source and you’ll find a way to restore it.
  9. Queen Ikaza landed on her black ship, but there’s no way to get there now. However, she hid a way to open the path to it, close to the Forest of the Tree where she is lurking now.
  10. The black ship is anchored near the beach. When you found the way to make the tides recede, you’ll be able to go to the ship from the beach.
  11. Once you find your way to the black ship, another road nearby will be opened to you. But that’s not the only road that will be opened to you!
  12. The castle had an armory. Who knows what useful items you may find there?
  13. Some powerful foes that guard great treasures will try to fool you into thinking that you have defeated them. But they can only truly be defeated if you can manage to get them to drop the item they are guarding.
  14. The temple is sealed. However, before Ikaza came to Ature, people used to pray there for their relatives who had passed away. There must be some way to open the temple’s doors again.
  15. If you want to collect all three Leaves, you’ll have to visit the Ruby Mountains at least twice.
  16. The ancient tower’s entrance was blocked by Ikaza’s henchmen. Most likely they hid the way to open it up again on the Black Ship.
  17. Sometimes, what looks like a treasure, is not a treasure at all!
  18. If it seems hard to defeat the three big foes who are guarding the Leaves, perhaps you should look for the Sword first. It too, by it’s power alone can defeat the Curse.
  19. The Sea Shrine on the Sandy Beach was erected to protect against floods. It seems to be related to the Temple…
  20. Ikaza’s right hand wizard has made his home out of the top of the Ancient Tower. Of course, he’s brought his books with him. Perhaps you should try to borrow one from him?
  21. The undead in the cemetary, raised by Ikaza, are quite tenacious. But be tenacious too in defeating them! You’ll earn more than just a few level ups!
  22. The terrible power of Striking was hidden underneath the water so no one could get to it easily, and is guarded well by an almost invisible foe. But even an invisible foe will cast a shadow!
  23. The Sword will test your resolve before you can obtain it. You will have to do more than just find it’s hiding place and overcome yourself several times. You will also have to prove that you would rather not use the Sword than abuse it’s power.
  24. The Shield will test your resourcefulness and will not let you near itself unless you solve many riddles. But if it sees you have the Sword, it will open a way for you so you can reach it somewhat more easily.
  25. The Numen Armor requires equal resourcefulness to obtain. But it will open the way if you obtain the Numen Shield first.

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